Terms and Conditions

Altro Floors and Walls

Conditions of Sale

Nothing in these terms and conditions (“Terms”) shall affect your statutory rights.

1. Introduction

1.1 These Terms explain how you may buy goods from www.outlet.altro.co.uk (“Website”). You should read these Terms carefully before buying any goods. When buying any goods you agree to be bound by these Terms, our general Website terms (www.outlet.altro.co.uk) and the documents referred to in them. If you do not agree with or accept any of these Terms, you will not be allowed to buy any goods unless we agree otherwise. If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact websales@altro.co.uk

1.2 If you need any further information on these Terms or any orders you have placed with us, please write to us at the following address: Altro Limited, Works Road, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire. SG6 1NW

Please note that orders can only be accepted for delivery to a location within the UK.

2. Definitions

In these Terms, the following words have the following meanings:

"We, us or our" means Altro Limited (Company Number 00154159, VAT Number: 213 2283 08) whose registered office is at Works Road, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire SG6 1NW

"You or your" means the person buying goods from the Website.

3. Ordering goods from the site

3.1 The steps required to create these Terms (e.g. a legally binding contract) between you and us are as follows:

3.1.1 You place an order on the Website by selecting the goods, the quantity required and placing the required goods in the shopping basket.

3.1.2 When your order is placed with us at the end of the online checkout process (e.g. when you click on the ‘order with obligation to pay’ button), we will email you to acknowledge that we have received your order. This order acknowledgement does not, however, mean that your order has been accepted by us.

3.1.3 We may send you an email to say that we do not accept your order. This is typically for the following reasons: the delivery location is outside of the UK; the goods are not available; we cannot obtain authorisation of your payment; there has been an error by us on the pricing or description of the goods.

3.1.4 We will only accept your order when we send you an email that confirms this (“Confirmation Email”). At this point, a legally binding contract will be in place between you and us and at this point we will despatch the goods to you.

3.2 When placing an order on the Website, you should take care to ensure that all of the information that you provide to us is correct although we appreciate that from time to time errors might be made. Therefore, please ensure that you take enough time to read and check your order before submitting it to us. If you need to correct any errors you can do so before submitting it to us.

3.3 While we try to ensure that:

3.3.1 all weights, sizes and measurements set out on the Website are as accurate as possible there may be a tolerance of up to 10% in such weights, sizes and measurements;

3.3.2 the colours of our goods are as accurately displayed as possible on the Website, the actual colours that you see on your computer may vary depending on the monitor that you use.

3.4 Any goods sold at discount prices, as remnants or as substandard will be identified and be stated to be sold as such on the Website. Such goods may not necessarily be in perfect condition so please check that they are of a satisfactory quality for their intended particular use.

3.5 The selection of goods is a matter solely for you and we strongly advise you to ascertain in advance whether the goods are suitable for the purpose for which they are required. Any advice or recommendation given by us as to the storage, installation, application or use of the goods which is not confirmed in writing by is is followed or acted upon entirely at your own risk and accordingly we shall not be liable for any such advice or recommendation which is not so confirmed.

3.6 We cannot guarantee that different rolls of flooring will colour match. We reserve the right to supply you with products from different batches unless you specify otherwise. This is ensure optimum use of our stock.

4. Specifications, Nature of the goods and faulty goods

4.1 All illustrations and descriptions issued by us are of an informative nature only and are not part of any specification. We shall not in any event be liable for the inaccuracy of any information or document not originating from us.

4.2 We reserve the right to modify any specification as necessary.

4.3 The law gives you certain legal rights if any of our goods are faulty. You have rights relating to refunds and to have such goods repaired or replaced if realistically possible. Nothing in these Terms affects these legal rights. If you want us to replace the goods or want a refund please email websales@altro.co.uk or telephone 01462 480480 as soon as reasonably possible. Please note that all calls to us will be charged at standard local rates (BT land lines only, other network charges may vary). (Calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes).

5. ‘Cooling off’ period, your right to cancel these Terms AND THE RETURN OF GOODS

5.1 You have a legal right to cancel these Terms during the ‘cooling off’ period set out in this clause 5. During the ‘cooling off’ period if you decide that, for whatever reason, you no longer want goods that you have bought you may tell us that you want to cancel these Terms and obtain a refund.

5.2 Your right to cancel these Terms starts from the date when these Terms are entered into in accordance with Clause 3.1.4. (i.e. when the Confirmation email is sent by us) and ends at the end of 14 days after this date.

5.3 Please contact us if you want to cancel these Terms. You can email or telephone 01462 480480. You will be asked to give us details of the goods ordered (eg, but not limited to, order number). Please note that all calls to us will be charged at standard local rates (BT land lines only, other network charges may vary). (Calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes). Details of your right to cancel and how you should do this are also set out in Confirmation Email.

5.4 Without undue delay after you contact us to cancel these Terms (and in any event within any time period specified in law, typically 14 days after we receive the goods back from you) we will refund the price of the goods and any delivery charges paid for by you. If you are cancelling the Terms and returning the goods because of a defect or the goods were not as described, we will also refund any reasonable costs that you incur in returning the goods to us. Any refunds will be made on the debit card or the credit card which you used to pay for the goods.

5.5 If you have already received the goods (such as if the goods have been delivered to you), you must return them to us in saleable condition as soon as possible. You must contact our Customer Services on 01462 480480 to arrange collection of the goods. You have a legal duty to keep the goods in your possession, to take reasonable care of them and not to use them before you return them to us. If the value of the goods is less than it was because you have handled them beyond what is necessary (such as to see the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods) then we may charge you an appropriate amount and take that amount from what we owe you. If the goods are not faulty and are returned outside the cooling off period, we reserve the right to deduct a reasonable collection charge from the amount which will be refunded to you.

6. Delivery

6.1 The estimated date for delivery of the goods will be set out in the Confirmation Email. All times and dates given for delivery of goods are given in good faith but are estimates only and time for delivery shall not be of the essence.

6.2 If something happens which is outside of our control and which affects the estimated date of delivery, we will let you have a revised estimated date for delivery of the goods. Unless you and we agree otherwise, if we cannot deliver your goods within 30 days of the Confirmation Email, we will email you to let you know, will cancel your order and provide you with a refund.

6.3 Delivery of the goods will take place when we deliver them to the address that you gave to us. Goods in transit are covered by our standard transport insurance arrangements with the delivery company. We use contract courier services to deliver our goods; if nobody is available to take delivery of the goods, please email websales@altro.co.uk or telephone 01462 480480 so as to rearrange delivery. Please note that all calls to us will be charged at standard local rates (BT land lines only, other network charges may vary). (Calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes). You will be responsible for off-loading the goods and for storing the goods once delivery has taken place (including ensuring that the goods are stored so that they are protected from the elements) and you will own the goods when we receive payment in full for them and any respective delivery charges. Please note that we do not make deliveries to any addresses outside of the UK.

6.4 If goods are collected by you, our liability shall cease when the goods are loaded onto your transport.

7. Payment

7.1 You may pay for the goods in full at the time when you place the order by using the following credit cards and debit cards: Mastercard and Visa.

7.2 We will do all that we reasonably can to ensure that all of the information which you provide to us when paying for the goods is secure by using an encrypted secure payment mechanism but in the absence of negligence on our part we will not be legally responsible to you for any loss that you may suffer if a third party gains unauthorised access to any information that you provide to us.

7.3 Your credit card or debit card will only be charged when the goods are dispatched.

7.4 All payments by credit card or debit card need to be authorised by the relevant card issuer. If your payment is not received by us and you have already received the goods that you ordered from us, you must pay for such goods within 30 days or must return them to us as soon as possible. You must keep the goods in your possession, take reasonable care of them (including ensuring that you follow any instructions or manuals provided with the goods) and not use them before you return them to us. If you do not pay for the goods or return them to us in accordance with this clause we may collect the goods from you at your expense. We will email to let you know if we intend to do this.

7.5 Nothing in this clause affects your legal rights to cancel the Contract during the ‘cooling off’ period under Clause 5.

7.6 The price of the goods:

7.6.1 Shall be as stated on our Website at the time when you purchase the goods;

7.6.2 excludes VAT will which be charged at the rate applicable at the date when you purchase the goods;

7.6.3 does not include the cost of delivering the goods which shall be listed separately;

7.6.4 is quoted in pounds sterling (£)(GBP)

8. Limitation on our legal responsibility to you


8.1 Subject to the following sub-clauses, our aggregate liability to you (whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise) and in respect of all claims, losses and damages arising under or in connection with these Terms, including but not limited to direct or indirect damage to property caused by our negligence, shall not exceed £1,000,000 in total for any claim or claims resulting from any one or more related incidents.

8.2 Except for:

8.2.1 death or personal injury caused by our negligent acts or omissions (or those of any of our employees or agents);

8.2.2 fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;

8.2.3 breach of any of the provisions implied into these Terms under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (or any other law);

we will only be legally responsible to you for any loss or damage which is not excluded under clause 8.3 below and which is a reasonably foreseeable consequence of a breach of these Terms. In relation to losses which are not excluded in clause 8.3 below, losses are foreseeable only where they could be contemplated by you and us at the time these Terms are entered into. We shall not be responsible for any indirect losses which happen as a side effect of the main loss or damage and which are not foreseeable by you and us (such as loss of profits or loss of opportunity) at the time these Terms are entered into.

8.3 Our liability to you, whether in contract or tort, shall not extend to any losses (whether direct, indirect, foreseeable or not and howsoever arising) suffered or incurred by you as a result of:

8.3.1 late delivery or non-delivery of the goods;

8.3.2 defective goods except as set out in clause 8.4 below

8.3.3 colour match issues where you did not specifically order product from the same production batch or where the difference in colour was apparent before the product is installed.

8.4 Where within one year from the date of installation goods prove to be defective by reason of faulty materials or manufacture or become defective by reason of faulty installation by us our liability to you shall be limited to replacement, and where appropriate reinstallation, only. In such circumstances:

8.4.1 you shall notify us in writing of the alleged defect within 10 days of the defect becoming apparent;

8.4.2 we will acknowledge any claim in writing and investigate such claim;

8.4.3 we shall not be liable for any other expense or labour costs not authorised by us or, for the avoidance of doubt, any damage caused as a result of sub-contracted third party acts where such sub-contractor has not been instructed and/or specifically authorised by us to undertake the work.

9. Disputes

We will try to resolve any disputes quickly and efficiently. If you are unhappy with the way we deal with any dispute and you want to take court proceedings, English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to the Terms. English law will apply to these Terms.

10. Third party rights

No one other than a party to these Terms has any right to enforce any of the Terms.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.